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Summer Schedule - Zion will hold services at 8:00am and 10:30am on Sundays.

Social distancing will continue to be respected.
Those at higher risk who would like to sit a bit farther apart may sit in the narthex. 

Livestream Service - The 8am service continues to be live-streamed via Facebook.

The Zion Epistle here.

Our Church is doing a new pictorial directory! We want everyone to get a new picture made so that our new directory will be complete. 
You can make your appointment at church on the sign-up sheets, or, you can click on the link below and make your appointment on-line. Please go ahead and do that now.

Photo dates are:
JULY 12th & 13th, 2021
You will have a professional photography session, schedule a ZOOM
meeting to see your proofs on computer and have the opportunity to purchase extra portraits for family and friends.

Schedule Your Photo Session

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Helpful Links

Safe and secure way to give offering & donations!


The 8 AM Sunday morning service will continue to be live streamed on Facebook and archived for viewing later for those whose movements are still restricted by the current guidelines.

How to participate in worship via live-stream:

Clicking below you will find:
-The "bulletin" for worship so that you can participate in the live stream
-The weekly announcements
-Suggestions for ongoing devotions and Bible study
-Clickable links throughout this document to information and helpful resources


Sunday School, Youth and Children Study Materials can be found on our Study Resource page.

Follow our Facebook feed
for live streaming 
and information for the whole family.

Offerings may be mailed to or dropped off at Zion. If you would like to set up automatic withdrawal of your offerings, please call the church office, or download this form  and return it to the office. Thank you to everyone whose offerings help us to give witness to the unchanging Christ and His promises in these times.

Any requests or suggestions for the church office, you may call 
or utilize our online contact form:



Pastoral care will shift primarily to contact with members through phone calls. However, your pastors will continue making visits as appropriate and will certainly respond quickly in the case of an emergency. If you have an emergency or need assistance with groceries or supplies, please call the office at 812-522-1089. Your pastors and fellow members stand ready to lend their aid.


Your pastors and church leadership will be sending out regular emails to our members to keep us connected to God's Word and in the fellowship that we share in Christ.

This distribution list was formed from email addresses that were supplied to Zion's church office. If you would like to add someone to the list, please call the church office or use our contact form.


Serve Your Neighbor
Zion Members - A couple of people have volunteered to delivery groceries and supplies to Zion's members. 

If you know of anyone who has need (including yourself) of this service, please contact your pastors or the church office so that we can shop for and deliver the required items.